From Lot to Spot was founded in 2007 as a direct result of the relationship between lack of accessible green space and the quality of life in low-income neighborhoods. FLTS’s unique approach involves grassroot, community engagement to ensure disadvantaged communities contribute their voice in developing healthy spaces in their neighborhoods. In the last five years, FLTS has worked on healthy living community engagement projects in several low-income, communities of color. The idea comes from looking at neighborhoods that are in need of social and recreational spaces or ‘spots’. These ‘spots’ are necessary for children to play, for adults to engage in health and wellness opportunities and for neighborhoods to grow and thrive. We aim to convert vacant LOTS into urban SPOTS and we do so by planning with communities, not just for them.

From Lot to Spot believes in creating a just society for all.

In not only supporting and inspiring policy that promotes equitable standards of living for all people, but enforcing that policy.

That no matter your socio-economic and cultural conditions, all people deserve access to just community resources and conditions.

From Lot to Spot is unparalleled in working with communities, one family at a time.

In listening to communities needs and translating those needs into action and projects.

In making sure low-income, communities of color have equitable resources, healthy food access, and health and wellness opportunities.

From Lot to Spot is:
Community Empowerment.
Social Consciousness.
Equity Work in Action.