The Dominguez Enhancement & Engagement Project: The DEEP.
We are glad to say that project is finally in the final phases of construction! THE DEEP will feature over 600 native plants, 20 trees, six seating opportunities, a bike trail and a community mural that will revitalize 9000 sq.ft. along the Dominguez Creek .

The DEEP is a community and youth engagement initiative that will not only green the Dominguez Creek through sustainable landscape standards but will additionally create watershed awareness and provide recreational opportunities for park-poor communities in Hawthorne, Gardena and surrounding areas.

The DEEP would not have come to fruition without the efforts and guidance of a group of passionate landscape architects from SWA. The Patrick T. Curran Initiative (PTCI) is a group of dedicated SWA landscape architects who came together to honor a friend. Patrick T. Curran was a SWA landscape architect who had an unrelenting passion for the environment. At a young age, Patrick realized his love for the earth and passionately set out to learn his trade and become an esteemed landscape architect and urban planner. He dedicated much of his time to improving the landscapes of impoverished countries and devastated ecosystems throughout the world. His enthusiasm for these projects and their potential to impact human conditions was unparalleled.

PTCI chose FLTS’s DEEP project to dedicate their efforts and resources in order to honor Patrick’s legacy as a compassionate, socially-conscious landscape architect and human being. We could not be more honored and grateful. Without having the opportunity of meeting Patrick, we have been moved by the dedication of his friends and colleagues who have stayed committed to seeing this project through.

Now we are in the last legs and need remaining funding to bring this project home.
We need your tax deductible donation to finish the last leg of the DEEP.

From Lot to Spot (FLTS) is a non-profit, 501c3 organization whose mission is to improve blighted neighborhoods in the greater Los Angeles area one space at a time. We strive to help create healthy and livable communities by promoting the creation of and access to green and open community-designed spaces in disadvantaged communities. It is partnerships like the one between FLTS and PTCI that make FLTS a unique and unparalleled environmental justice organization where community meets real-world planning. And it is with your support that we make it happen; it is because of your support that we work to empower disadvantaged communities.

To donate to the Patrick T Curran Initiative Project click on the link on the right-hand side bar.

Thank you for generosity, your trust, and most importantly for your dedication to honor Patrick and his passion for the environment. On behalf of the community and students we thank you for your generous support, and we look forward to meeting you on Planting Day December 8th, 2012!

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