Hiya friends,

We’re gearing up to help the County in it’s massive effort: the Los Angeles Countywide Comprehensive Parks & Recreation Needs Assessment, or as we like to call it in the office the “LACNA”.  🙂

Why needs assessments are crucial to the type of planning we like to get involved in – community-led planning – are because the community get’s to say what they need, what they want, how they want it. It is a planning approach that if done authentically, gives the voice to the people rather than government telling you “here, this is what you need.” In addition, it is a great way for the community to hold governing agencies accountable for projects, plans and other efforts that are born of the needs assessment.  They are written out generally with timelines and actionable steps to meet those goals identified. So keep us accountable, ask the difficult questions like “where do we go from here?” “when do we see these projects?”  It is important to put this information out there and have a clear path to communicating this crucial information.

So if you know that your community is in dire need of greenspace, if you are bothered that there are not enough playgrounds in your neighborhood, if you know there is a lack of walking trails and want more,  you HAVE to participate.  Your voice is your ticket to directly expressing  your needs.   And let’s be frank, because I have heard it from a lot of our community members – if you feel like we’ve or your local governing agency has already asked you about greenspace in your community and has done nothing with that information,  come and tell us that! We want to hear it.  It’s important to know what is going on and what is not.  The more we hear from you, the better we get at our jobs to provide the necessary resources to create healthy, sustainable communities.

The link at the bottom provides the County’s page with some cool stats and info on why we need a needs assessment, what it is, how parks create healthy communities and what the last Proposition paid for. There are a lot of way cool greenspace projects out there that Prop A paid for, including our LEEP project in Lennox. Unfortunately that money is tapped out.

We need more and we need your voice. Spread the word about the meetings in your community. Participate – let your voice be heard!