2018 has been a fantastical and challenging year for us – that’s a thing right, it can be great and challenging?!

Great because we made new dope friends and collaborations that allowed us to bring more greenspaces into communities that need them and organize more communities to lift their voices to develop their communities. We hosted over 70 – SEVENTY!  community planting, building, platicas, clean-up, green-up, events all over LA!  

Highlights include working with partners like the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, we opened a new community garden – New Beginnings Community Garden, a monumental collaboration to highlight the direct benefits of greening vacant lots on mental health in low income communities.  We also started our multiple greenspace projects in Watts to work with the community to get the urban greening projects they deserve and DESPERATELY need to prepare them for the changing climate.  It’s real, it’s here and we will fight for what is right in these communities!

We did so much more, but I want to keep this brief but I wanted to give you a little glimpse, a smidge of what we were able to accomplish because of YOU.  Our accomplishments were all possible because of YOUR SUPPORT, because you built this with us. THANK YOU.

Now here is the challenging piece: we are working to meet our strategic long-term goal of building 20 greenspaces by 2020. No small feat. No small feat. We are well on our way – 12 projects built, 8 in the works! But we need funding to fully implement them. 

So before the year ends, we invite you to join the fight for greenspace access and help us reach $10,000 towards our 20 by 2020 goal. That’s 20 greenspaces in communities that need them most by the year 2020!

Your support today will help us reach our goal to help fight against the social and environmental injustices plaguing our most vulnerable communities here in Southern California. 

Every act of generosity counts, and each means even more when we give together. Join the fight this holiday season to help provide 20 green spaces by 2020.

So go ahead and look at your books, see what you can give and fight with us. Stand with us.  You have until 12/31 of this year to receive the tax benefits!

Thank you, thank you and muchisimas gracias!


Founder & Executive Director

From Lot to Spot


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