Hey Friends of the Environment and of the Hood,
We need some help this Saturday planting some major trees at our Dominguez Creek site.
This is not a community event; there will be no cameras, no cute kids playing, hoop-la, etc.
This is just you doing some real-time digging and planting.

But not only will you be “putting your back into it” but you will be
1. Restoring the Dominguez Creek to it’s natural state AND
2. Creating a recreation opportunity for park-poor, underserved neighborhoods in Gardena and Hawthorne.

You will go home that evening knowing you helped create a space that people will enjoy and use for decades to come; that’s pretty awesome I think for a Saturday morning.

I attached a project description of what we are doing – We need about 20-30 volunteers. Please pass on and email me so we can count heads.

I thank you in advance for your dedication to environmental justice, community development and just simply: your willingness to do real good things.

Saturday, October 20th, 2012, 9:30am
Location: On the corner of Crenshaw and Rosecrans , Hawthorne. See Map below. Park on Chadron.
Lunch will be provided!

The sad space circa 2010. Wait until we are done with it!


From Lot to Spot Planting