Party time! Join us October 6th, 2018

Our annual party is here!
And we have a big birthday! Or activist-day?!
We’re celebrating 10 years of our work:

  • of organizing
  • of building
  • of planting
  • of empowering communities one vacant lot at a time.
  • of fighting for greenspace equity

We could not have gotten here without you!!!

Join us! It’s 10 years! We’re going to celebrate our work, the people who have gotten us here and where we are headed!

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Lower Los Angeles River Clean-up: Volunteer Opportunity

Here are a few tips for Saturday’s event: 

  • Wear comfy clothes and closed-toe shoes.
  • The ending location / Resource Fair will be held in the northern portion of Hollydale Park: 5400 Monroe Ave, South Gate, CA 90280
  • Parking available at Hollydale Park, through Monroe Ave. entrance.
  • Snacks and refreshments will be provided.
  • This is an all ages event. All are welcome!

See you at the River!

Volunteering is a great way to:

  • Give back & connect with your community.
  • Contribute to healthy and safe environments in Los Angeles.
  • Develop new skills.
  • Build on existing experience & knowledge.


 Aquí hay algunos consejos para el evento de Sabado:

  • Use ropa cómoda y zapatos cerrados.
  • La locacion final / Feria de Recursos estara en el Parque de Hollydale: 5400 Monroe Ave, South Gate, CA 90280
  • Habra estacionamiento en el Parque de Hollydale por la de entrada de Monroe Ave.
  • Se proporcionarán bocadillos y refrescos.
  • Este es un evento para todas las edades. ¡Todos son bienvenidos!

¡Nos vemos en el Rio!

César E. Chávez: Sí se puede!

“We shall strike. We shall organize boycotts. We shall demonstrate and have political campaigns. We shall pursue the revolution we have proposed…We will build power through boycotts, strikes, new union – whatever techniques we can develop. These attacks on the status quo will come, not because we hate, but because we know America can construct a humane society for all its citizens….” “Sí Se Puede!”

On the morning of March 17th, 1966, 75 Filipino and Latino grape farm workers tired of inhumane working conditions, embarked on a 340-mile march from Delano to Sacramento to demand fair wages and safe working conditions. “Sí se puede!” was chanted with conviction along the 340-mile journey. “Yes, we can!” they yelled as they took a stand against decades of exploitation. They grew 10,000 strong once they reached the capitol.  Among the farm workers and supporters was leader and organizer of the group, César E. Chávez.  Chávez led the strike that lasted more than five years and grew to include an international boycott. The tactical strike ended with a historical victory- a first ever contract between growers and farm workers called the United Farm Workers. This pivotal contract set the foundation for victories in civil rights and labor movements, two campaigns intricately connected to the environmental movement.

César E. Chávez, among so many other incredible activists of the time, showed us the power of the people. He showed us that change for a better future is within our power. Sí se puede! He showed us that there is still a fighting chance even when the weight of economic, racial, and environmental injustices paralyzes our communities. Sí se puede! He showed us that when we organize and stand side by side, when we rise in solidarity, the chorus of our voices demanding a better world for all cannot and will not be ignored. Sí se puede!

Stand beside us on March 31st during our Annual César Chávez Day of Service, as we honor his revolutionary work and continue to build on his legacy of activism. Join us in celebration of César E. Chávez by contributing to sustainable and healthy living in historically underserved communities. Together we can create a more equitable and just world for all. For more info about this year’s Annual César Chávez Day of Service visit:

More info


Volunteer Opportunity: FLTS Annual Cesar Chavez Day of Service

We’re honoring Cesar Chavez through a day of service at the Lennox Community Garden! Join us in honoring Cesar Chavez’s revolutionary work by contributing to sustainable & healthy living in Los Angeles. We’ll be cleaning, weeding, repairing garden boxes, & other garden work so bring comfy clothes & shoes.

We’ll have snacks, music, & prizes!

3.31.18 | 10AM-12PM
4807 W 112TH ST. LENNOX, CA 90304

Volunteering is a great way to:

Give back & connect with your community

Contribute to sustainable & healthy living in Los Angeles

Develop new skills

Build on existing experience & knowledge


¡Estamos honrando a César Chávez y su trabajo revolucionario a traves de un dia de servicio en el Jardín Comunitario de Lennox! Acompañenos y contribuye a praticas sostenibles y saludables en Los Ángeles. Vamos a limpiar, desherbar, reparar parcelas para sembrar, y otros trabajos de jardinería, así que traiga ropa y zapatos cómodos.

¡Tendremos comida, música y premios!

3.31.18 | 10AM-12PM
4807 W 112TH ST. LENNOX, CA 90304

Ser voluntariado es una excelente manera de:

Conectar con tu comunidad

Contribuir a practicas sostenibles y saludables en Los Ángeles

Desarrollar nuevas habilidades

Aprovechar la experiencia y el conocimiento existente

For more information contact | para mas informacion contacte: 323.573.0129 | Enrique@fromlottospot.org

Volunteer Opportunity: 03.11.2018

RSVP with nydya@fromlottospot.org

We need YOU!

Elections are crucial for gardener engagement, democratic leadership development, and fair garden organizing. Stanford Avalon Community Garden is the largest urban community garden in the country, encompassing over 7 acres with over 200 families who participate in farming, so we’ll need all the help we can get! We are looking for 15+ volunteers.

This is a great way to get hands-on service in a garden that has a HUGE impact on the local food access and small-scale farming.
Join us!

Event Details:
Sunday, March 11, 2018
Standford Avalon Community Garden
658 E 111th Pl.
Los Angeles, CA 90059

RSVP with nydya@fromlottospot.org

FLTS Community Champions: Verbum Dei High School Students

This week, for our #CommunityChampionSpotlight, we’ve decided to honor more than one FLTS Community Champion. This group has been holding it down for our communities since day one! They understand the importance of restoring their communities and giving back. This week we honor Verbum Dei High School students for stepping up and tackling environmental injustices in their neighborhoods when it’s so easy to stand back on the sidelines. They’ve helped our Heart of Watts Community Garden families tremendously by building garden beds where they can grow healthy food. They’ve put in countless hours towards creating safe, sustainable and clean spaces in the communities we work with. Their character and values shine bright at every community event they attend and believe us, it’s a beautiful thing to see. Watch out world, these FLTS Community Champions stay doing great things.


Esta semana, para nuestro #CommunityChampionSpotlight, hemos decidido honrar a más de un Campeón de la Comunidad FLTS. Este grupo entiende la importancia de restaurar sus comunidades. Esta semana honramos a los estudiantes de Verbum Dei High School por enfrentar las injusticias ambientales en sus comunidades cuando es tan fácil mantenerse al margen. Han ayudado enormemente a nuestras familias del Jardin Communitario Heart of Watts al construir parcelas para sembrar donde pueden cultivar alimentos saludables. Han invertido incontables horas para crear espacios seguros, sostenibles y limpios en las comunidades con las que trabajamos. Su carácter y valores brillan en cada evento de la comunidad a la que asisten y crean nos, es algo hermoso de ver. Estos FLTS campeones de la comunidad se quedan haciendo grandes cosas.

FLTS Community Champion: Ciro Garcia

“Helping FLTS with their gardening programs makes me feel at home. It brings me great joy to help gardeners who come from all over Latin America find and cultivate fruits and veggies from their place of origin.”

Last year we introduced Master Gardener -Ciro and shared his passion for helping his fellow gardeners. In this week’s FLTS #CommunityChampionSpotlight we’re sharing a little more of him because he rocks! Ciro has been a lifelong gardener who tends to a plot at our Florence Firestone Community Garden every chance he gets. It’s a lifestyle. To him, knowing where his food comes from is critical. He gardens to ensure the food he cultivates is free of harmful chemicals. It’s important for him to know what goes in his food because he share’s the wealth. Gardening for him is a family affair. He enjoys spending quality time with his nieces and nephews in the garden, disconnected from all devices and fully immersed in the green. It’s the opportunity for bonding and learning that he cherishes most. Their favorite fruits and veggies to cultivate are red tomatoes and fava beans! All of the food they cultivate is shared with neighbors and coworkers. They share recipes and cook for each other. They build community. We celebrate Ciro because he continues to enrich the lives around him. Go Ciro!


“Ayudando a FLTS con sus programas de jardinería me hace sentir como en casa. Me da mucha alegría ayudar a los jardineros que vienen de toda América Latina a encontrar y cultivar frutas y verduras de su lugar de origen”.

El año pasado introducimos a maestro de cultivo -Ciro y compartimos su pasión por ayudar a sus compañeros jardineros. ¡Durante este segmento de #CommunityChampionSpotlight, compartimos un poco más de él porque se mece! Ciro ha sido un jardinero de toda la vida que tiende a un jardin en nuestro Jardín Comunitario de Florence Firestone cada vez que tiene la oportunidad. Es un estilo de vida. Para él, saber dónde viene su comida es fundamental. Él cultiva para asegurarse de que la comida que cultiva no contenga químicos dañinos. Es importante para él saber qué incluye su comida porque comparte la riqueza. Jardinería para él es un asunto familiar. Le gusta pasar tiempo de calidad con sus sobrinas y sobrinos en el jardín, desconectado de todos los dispositivos y completamente inmerso en el verde. Es la oportunidad de vincularse y aprender lo que más aprecia. Sus frutas y verduras favoritas para cultivar son los tomates rojos y las habas. La comida que cultivan, la comparten con los vecinos y compañeros de trabajo. Comparten recetas y cocinan el uno para el otro. Ellos construyen comunidad. Celebramos a Ciro porque él continúa enriqueciendo las vidas a su alrededor. ¡Vamos, Ciro!

FLTS Community Champion | Campeon de la Comunidad

Community designed spaces involve a whole lot of community & we at FLTS have had the privilege of meeting some incredible people that make the communities we work with flourish. Their commitment to their communities is one of the driving forces that make these greenspaces so successful. We can’t keep their amazingness all to ourselves so we’ve decided to share with you the beautiful people that make up the FLTS community. Get ready as we a celebrate community members that are impacting the lives of others, as well as their own, in our monthly #CommunityChampionSpotlight. We’re excited to show you the faces of FLTS Community Champions. Stay tuned!

Los espacios diseñados por la comunidad involucran a mucha comunidad y nosotros en FLTS hemos tenido el privilegio de conocer a personas increíbles que hacen florecer a las comunidades con las que trabajamos. Su compromiso con sus comunidades es una de las fuerzas impulsoras que hacen que estos espacios verdes sean tan exitosos. Durante los próximos meses vamos a compartir con ustedes las personas hermosas que conforman la comunidad de FLTS. Prepárese mientras celebramos a los miembros de la comunidad que están impactando las vidas de otros, así como las suyas, en nuestra #CommunityChampionSpotlight mensual. Estamos emocionados de mostrarle las caras de los Campeones de la Comunidad!

Join the fight for greenspace access.


20 BY 2020

Join the fight for greenspace access.

Help us reach $10,000 towards our 20 by 2020 goal. That’s 20 greenspaces by the year 2020! We cannot win this fight alone, we cannot continue our work without the support of donors like YOU.

Before the year ends, we are asking you to support our work in fighting for a just, equitable, greener Los Angeles. Your tax-deductible donation will ensure communities that have long been on the margins receive their fair share of health & wellness opportunities, access to parks, and access to healthy food options.

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