FLTS Invite_081616It’s time!

a LOT to remember… we are taking a minute to pause and remember the demoralizing, blighted lots of yore and celebrating the parks, gardens, bike paths, beautiful social spaces they are today! The wonderful green and recreational spaces we could not have built without your support.

We want to remember that change is possible and to pay mind to remembering what was – LA tends to be so ahistorical, we do not want to erase the past that these vacant lots created, but learn and grow from them.

From Lot to Spot invites you to celebrate 8 years of creating access to parks and gardens in low income communities in greater Los Angeles and celebrate the accomplishments of greenspace powerhouse Belinda Faustinos, renowned architect Michael Maltzan and environmental justice champion Supervisor Hilda L.Solis.

Enjoy great food, a live banda, specialty cocktails and an amazing silent auction!

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