2015 FLTS Honorees

2015 FLTS “Las Mujeres” Honorees Deputy Mayor Barbara Romero, Assemblyspeaker Anthony Rendon and ValleyCrest Design Group. November 2015.

On September 10th, 2016  From Lot to Spot (FLTS) will be hosting our annual benefit party to support our mission and overall work to create access to parks and gardens in low income communities in the Los Angeles area.  It will be a unique, one-of-a-kind event with an expected attendance of 300 community members, youth, and elected officials that will provide an authentic connection to our work.   This year we have the pleasure of honoring the works of Supervisor Hilda Solis, renowned architect Michael Maltzan and greenspace powerhouse Belinda Faustinos.

Thank you for choosing to be an event Sponsor where we will be celebrating eight years of our work in environmental justice.  FLTS build pocket parks, gardens, micro-spaces, walking paths, bicycle paths, and other sustainable, innovative spaces in communities that do not have access to these opportunities. Your tax deductible sponsorship to brings our mission to life.  Our work supports the core of our mission to create more livable, sustainable and healthy communities for all.   We utilize our funding specifically on projects for the community, by the community and it is with support from the philanthropic community that we can do this.

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Contact Viviana Franco at 310.780.5461 or viviana@fromlottospot.org directly for sponsorship opportunities.